Karlovy Vary

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Kar·lo·vy Va·ry

 (kär′lə-vē vär′ē) also Carls·bad or Karls·bad (kärlz′băd′, kärls′bät′)
A city of the northwest Czech Republic west of Prague. Chartered in the 1300s, it has medicinal sulfur springs and has long been popular as a spa.

Karlovy Vary

(Czech ˈkarlɔvi ˈvari)
(Placename) a city in the W Czech Republic, at the confluence of the Tepla and Ohře Rivers: warm mineral springs. Pop: 50 691 (2007 est). German name: Karlsbad or Carlsbad

Kar•lo•vy Va•ry

(ˈkɑr lə vi ˈvɑr i)
a city in the W Czech Republic: hot mineral springs. 58,541. German, Karls•bad (ˈkɑrlzˌbɑt)
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Former Sprudel second baseman Elwood "Bingo" DeMoss-according to Bill James, the best bunter in Negro League history-came on board in early May.
In 2011, to break the century-plus drought, the Cubs requested West Baden's famous Sprudel spring water shipped to spring training where it was sprinkled on the training field and on Wrigley Field in Chicago--to no avail.
Un buen numero de purgantes fueron extraidos del basurero, como el "Carlsbad Sprudel Salt", un producto importado de Bohemia y las "Ayer's Pills".