Spuyten Duyvil Creek

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Spuy·ten Duy·vil Creek

 (spīt′n dī′vəl)
A narrow channel in southeast New York separating northern Manhattan Island from the mainland and linking the Harlem and Hudson Rivers.

Spuy′ten Duy′vil Creek′

(ˈspaɪt n ˈdaɪ vəl)
a channel in New York City at the N end of Manhattan Island, connecting the Hudson and Harlem rivers.
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Only recently identified, the simple landscape features a wooden bridge very similar to that built over Spuyten Duyvil Creek in 1769, and figures with the round-brimmed hats favoured in the New World.
Unlike London, New York, or rather Manhattan, is restricted in its area, with the Hudson and the East River on either side, stretching from Battery Park to Spuyten Duyvil Creek bordering The Bronx, from south to north.