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Noun1.square yard - a unit of area equal to one yard by one yard square
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
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They said the board has decided that plots measuring less than 3,000square yards will be allowed a floor-area ratio of 1:8 square yards, plots between 3,000 sq yards and 5,000 sq yards will be allowed a floor-area ratio of 1:9 and plots of more than 5,000 sq yards will be allowed 1:10.
Every family (married couple) gets a large new house of 1100 sq yards with three bedrooms, washroom, kitchen, sitting areas for men and women, traditional chounra, a guestroom and an animal yard.
In such leases, a number of plots have been mentioned without any block simply measuring 80 sq yards and without mentioning any category/type.
These includes plot number 172, Khayaban-e-Faisal, Phase-VIII-D, 1995 Sq Yards, plot number 3011, beach street-1, Phase-VIII-D, 997 square yards and plot number 301II, Breach street-1, Phase-VIII-D, 997 square yards.
Usmani said that the CECHS had illegally bifurcated original plot measuring 1000 Sq Yard into four 250 Sq yards added the master plan of the CECHS shows that all the plots situated in the locality are of 1000 Sq yards and not less than that.
It wants water tanks in all 5 marla (150 sq yards) or bigger buildings made compulsory.
Built over 8,000 sq yards 17, Tughlaq Road has vast greens with the Prime Minister as a close neighbour.
The new centre has 1,000 sq yards of wall, including areas for beginners and boulders for more experienced climbers.
The plot at the Tarran Industrial Estate also includes an extensive yard covering nearly 1,000 sq yards, and a third of a hectare of undeveloped land with development potential.
Brintons also carpeted the Aurora's sister ship Oriana in 1994 with 54,000 sq yards of carpet.
In Blue Area, the authority has proposed a 1:8 floor-area ratio for up to 300 sq yard plots, 1:9 for plots between 3,000 sq yards and 5,000 sq yards and 1:10 for plots 5,000 sq yards and above.