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Noun1.square foot - a unit of area equal to one foot by one foot square
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
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Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 Certified Food Manufacturing Facility
Widely considered one the most rigorous and comprehensive food safety and quality standards in the world, SQF Certification requires producers to develop and implement a stringent food safety system.
Sajjad Ahmed, CEO, AEDB inaugurated the Passport together with SQF. The foundation is the business entity behind the Solar Quality Passport.
Managing Director German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) David Wedepohl and Chairman Solar Quality Foundation (SQF) Mohammad Ishaq Bhatti inaugurated the Passport together with SQF.
JLL's table cheering on team members as they accept the Operating Office Building Award in the 100,000-249,999 SQF category for the IAC Building
The first phase of the plant spans 1.85ha (200,000 sqf), and the facility will feature a fully automated sorting line with a capacity of five tonnes per hour.
SQF certification is achieved when a company demonstrates exceptional quality control and food safety practices.
Publix' award recognizes an SQF-certified manufacturer, distributor, or primary producer who has shown a commitment to excellence through the SQF program.
"Achieving SQF certification demonstrates our continued commitment to providing safe, high quality food ingredients for our customers.
"Bell has achieved SQF Level 3 Certification with a rating of 'Excellent' for the fourth consecutive year," said Thomas G.
"Paramount has long prided itself on its record of providing quality products to our customers, and SQF 2 certification essentially serves as a stamp of approval verifying that we have stringent food safety programs in place," says Steve Morris, COO.