n.1.An oilskin hat or southwester; - a fisherman's name.
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28) See, also, the report by the Squam Lake Group (2013).
The 13 acceptors are: Air Force Blue, Air Vice Marshall, Awtaad, Blue De Vega, Bravery, Galileo Gold, Herald The Dawn, Lieutenant General, Moonlight Magic, Sanus Per Squam, Shogun, The Gurkha and Theodorico.
301) The Squam Lake Report, a set of recommendations on financial regulatory reform created by some of the leading banking and financial experts in the country, including current Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy Stein and recent Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller, explicitly lauds the "disciplining effect of short-term debt," which it states "makes management more productive" and prevents bank laxity in risk management.
For example, a group of a dozen highly accomplished financial economists, known as the Squam Lake Group for the location of its first meeting in New Hampshire in 2008, has suggested that capital requirements and limits on short-term debt could be set on the basis of the level of complexity indicated by the living wills.
Por ejemplo, en el Squam Lake Report encontramos la siguiente afirmacion:
Accordingly, the Squam Lake Group suggests that the benefits of centralized trading "should be weighed against the benefits of innovation and customization that are typical of the OTC market" (French et al.
VanHoose, supra note 94, at 46 (citing Gary Stem & Ron Feldman, The Squam Lake Report: Observations from Two Policy Professionals, 57 J.
The Squam Lake Report: Fixing the Financial System 75, 81-82 (2010) (recommending that "[s]ystemically important financial institutions should withhold a significant share of each senior manager's total annual compensation for several years.
Harry Briggs, who has swum across Lake Erie, in shark-infested waters between Corsica and Sardinia and 30 miles around Lake Winnipesaukee, was trying to swim across Little Squam Lake and raise money from sponsors for the Plymouth State University women's tennis team, whose members cheered him on.
A group of economists met at Squam Lake, NH in 2008 to discuss financial system reform.
In light of the systemic risk stemming from MMFs' susceptibility to runs, calls for reform have come from government agencies (for example, Schapiro 2010, 2011, 2012, President's Working Group on Financial Markets 2010, Financial Stability Oversight Council 2011, 2012a, 2012b), from academics (for example, Squam Lake Group 2011, Hanson, Scharfstein, and Sunderam 2012), and from the financial industry (for example, Mendelson and Hoerner 2011, Goebel, Dwyer, and Messman 2011).