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Noun1.Squamata - diapsid reptiles: snakes and lizards
animal order - the order of animals
Lepidosauria, subclass Lepidosauria - diapsid reptiles: lizards; snakes; tuataras
Lacertilia, Sauria, suborder Lacertilia, suborder Sauria - true lizards; including chameleons and geckos
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All squamates including snakes are ectothermic and amniotic with overlapping scales.
The stylohyal is a homologue structure to the intercalary cartilage of non Ophidian Squamates (Rieppel, 1980), which is generally involved in the suspension of the quadrate bone in lizards (Oelrich, 1956).
Snakes and other squamates are frequently colonized with NTS, and contact with these animals in the domestic setting has been linked with an increasing number of human infections [14].
Globally, the macroalgal grazer clade includes marine mammals (sirenians) reptiles (chelonids and squamates), a variety of herbivorous fish (kyphosids, scarids, acanthurids, pomacentrids, siganids, among some others), and a vast array of invertebrates (gastropods, amphipods, decapods, polyplacophorans, echinoderms, among others).
The epidermis of squamates is composed of a series of discrete layers, the outermost of which is one cell layer thick and rich in beta keratin (Irish et ah, 1988; Maderson et ah, 1998).
The main recognized groups are fishes, turtles, squamates, crocodilians, and non-avian dinosaurs.
Amphisbaenians, or worm lizards, constitute a monophyletic group of highly specialized fossorial squamates with approximately 200 species (Pinna et al.
* Elongate squamates, especially snakes, coil for many functional purposes including resting, feeding, defense, estivation, and hibernation (Roth, 2003; Heatwole et al., 2007).
Recently, Pincheira-Donoso and Meiri [13] based on an intercontinental dataset (65 reptile species from Israel, Argentina, and Chile) found that for both Israeli and South American squamates the resource rule is better predictor of body size than temperature.
Pyron had previously analyzed an evolutionary tree containing all groups of squamates, the group that comprises lizards and snakes.
Live bearing in Cretaceous marine lizards: first fossil record of viviparity in squamates. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B.