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a.1.Resembling a scale; also, covered with scales; scaly.
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73) Histologically, BFH presents as a superficial dermal proliferation of interconnecting strands of basaloid to squamoid cells that connect to the epidermis and contain small, cystic spaces (Figure 4, A and B).
Papillary processes are lined by multilayered epithelium that contained both squamoid and transitional epithelium with occasional mucocytes.
Hence, a final diagnosis of urothelial carcinoma, micropapillary variant with adeno and squamoid differentiation of high-grade, muscle-invasive stage (pT2HGUC) was given.
Occurrence of atypia may take the form of cellular pleomorphism of the basaloid cells, large polygonal squamoid cells, with pale vesicular nuclei, increased and abnormal mitotic figures, presence of granular cells and clear cells, and spindle-shaped de-differentiation.
29-31) It is detected in pathologic bladders, denoting squamoid phenotype change of urothelium.
The variants included squamoid differentiation which was present in 27 cases (56.
The cystic tumor exhibited thin anastomosing strands of squamoid and basaloid epithelium with peripheral palisading and small terminal basaloid nubbins (Figure 6).
Centrally, the cells showed squamoid differentiation with keratin formation, which were more obvious at high power in some areas (Figure-2b).
The tumor cells are poorly differentiated, yielding a polygonal, pleomorphic, spindle, giant, epithelioid, or squamoid appearance.
Seventeen cases were of high grade variety consisting predominantly of solid squamoid areas whereas 26 cases were of the intermediate to low grade variety with mixed solid - cystic to predominantly cystic areas with pools of mucin both within the cystic areas as well as in the stroma.
Tumor cells in sebaceous carcinoma may be large with squamoid appearance or show basaloid differentiation with limited lipidization.