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Noun1.square metre - a centare is 1/100th of an are
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
metro cuadrado
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Tests on four types of bottles used for a week without being washed found those with slide tops had the highest bacteria count - more than 900,000 per square centimetre.
For this is one of the most profusely decorated pieces of brassware I've ever come across - every square centimetre has been engraved with designs of animals, figures, peacocks, flowers and foliage, while any space in-between has been filled with literally thousands of punched dots, each one done by hand.
They found 1000 bugs per square centimetre on the underground train's upholstery - but just eight on a square centimetre of loo seat.
Manchester's MetroLink came out top, with an average of only 213 bacteria per square centimetre tested - but in a single coach on Newcastle's network they found more than 190,000 bacteria specimens living on a small patch of seat.
The company said that the laboratory tests showed a 25% power performance increase over the second generation chip producing 62mW per square centimetre while producing in excess of 1,800 Watt Hours energy per kilogram of methanol fuel.
In a comprehensive study, they found the inside of a typical car has 283 different bacteria present in every square centimetre.
However, HP scientists are hoping to miniaturise their technology even further and create commercial memory chips that can contain 100 gigabits (100,000,000,000 bits) per square centimetre, 15 times more than the lab model and much more than current technology can achieve.
According to the company, the patented design of the revolution[TM] delivers high compaction forces of up to 150 kgs per square centimetre, while the shearing and twisting effect eliminates material memory or 'spring back'.
The aim of the latest programme is to combine odour sensors with signal processing components on to a single silicon chip, a square centimetre in size.
2 and 65 microgrammes of nickel per square centimetre would dissolve from a two-euro coin in a week, while according to an EU directive not more than 0.
1 microwatts per square centimetre is regarded as the European reference for protection against electromagnetic radiation.
Every square centimetre of the planet's land surface, with the exception of Antartica, is part of one nation-state or another.