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Noun1.square foot - a unit of area equal to one foot by one foot square
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
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Kitchener, Canada, July 18, 2019 --(PR.com)-- The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) has issued a statement to their real estate industry users that further explains the extent of the prohibitions on real estate agents from using propertyline[TM] data, provided through GeoWarehouse, relating to square footage in their listings.
Our business model enables us to efficiently move with demand, leveraging our existing plan series to add smaller square footage options to our communities, and adjusting the specification levels within our homes.
Each project is represented by three circles on the map: blue for square footage, red for number of units and orange for cost.
As The Lease Coach, representing independent and franchise commercial tenants with leasing matters since 1993, we have found that some landlords are over-charging tenants for more square footage than the tenant actually has.
FitLab Fitness Club led retailers in new square footage in the region, adding 86,400 square feet, and tied with Mattree Firm for first in new store count, each adding five units.
The company is raising its targets for new square footage as it seeks to maintain and expand market share after Dollar Tree Inc.
COMPACT HOUSES: GOOD DESIGN TRUMPS SQUARE FOOTAGE is written by an architectural history professor who shows homeowners who to achieve more with less square footage, and provides some fifty floor plans for home designs ranging from 800 to 1,400 square feet.
"As square footage increases, the burden on heating and cooling equipment rises, lighting requirements increase, and the likelihood that the household uses more than one refrigerator increases," the EIA says.
In representing franchise tenants with leasing matters since 1993, I have found that some landlords are overcharging franchisees for more square footage than the tenant, actually has.
Brokers use price and desire for amenities to help narrow the choices, as well as the number of bed-rooms and square footage required, and whether or not a client wants a concierge building.
It should be illegal not to give accurate square footage of property.