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Noun1.square inch - a unit of area equal to one inch by one inch square
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
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my brave Ned, do you know how many square inches you carry on the surface of your body?
to the square inch, your 6,500 square inches bear at this moment a pressure of 97,500 lb.
Very well, my worthy harpooner, if some vertebrate, several hundred yards long, and large in proportion, can maintain itself in such depths-- of those whose surface is represented by millions of square inches, that is by tens of millions of pounds, we must estimate the pressure they undergo.
said Miss Brass, slicing off about two square inches of cold mutton, after all this preparation, and holding it out on the point of the fork.
Where Jurgis worked there was a machine which cut and stamped a certain piece of steel about two square inches in size; the pieces came tumbling out upon a tray, and all that human hands had to do was to pile them in regular rows, and change the trays at intervals.
The washing and dressing apparatus for the passengers generally, consists of two jack-towels, three small wooden basins, a keg of water and a ladle to serve it out with, six square inches of looking-glass, two ditto ditto of yellow soap, a comb and brush for the head, and nothing for the teeth.
25" leaflet can accommodate 420 square inches of copy per side, a 350-panel leaflet can accommodate 477 square inches of copy per side, a significant increase as instructions, warnings and disclaimers grow ever more intricate.
7 square inches with 7-gauge thickness to 35 square inches and a thickness of 0.
A pound covers 94 square inches at a thickness of 1/4".
In an operation to repair 19 square inches of a seven-year-old girl's skull that had been damaged in a fall two years before, doctors shaved bits of bone one-tenth of an inch long from the girl's pelvis and placed these in the missing areas of the skull.
CRICKET: The England and Wales Cricket Board have approved an increase in the size of commercial logos on players' bats from six square inches to 10 square inches.