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Adj.1.square-tailed - having a square tail
caudate, caudated - having a tail or taillike appendage
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I really like skating square-tailed boards and Boulevard didn't have anything like that, but now that I'm on Welcome there's more of those than you could ever ask for.
Square-tailed Kites get no mention, despite being one of the few raptor species that feed mainly in forests and dense woodlands (albeit mainly in the lowlands, as for other raptors), and sometimes nest >600 m in this region where forests are a key habitat.
The hatching success in the present study was (82%) which is higher than those reported on other Pycnonotids: only 47% in Red vented bulbul in Fiji (Walting, 1983), 46.06% in Square-tailed black bulbul (Balakrishnan, 2010), 31.97% in Square- tailed black bulbul (Balakrishnan, 2007), 17.21% in Yellow-throated bulbul (Fishpool and Tobias, 2005) and10.79% in Grey-headed bulbul (Balakrishnan, 2007).The predation rate of eggs and nestlings in present study was 6% and 9%, respectively which is lower than reported for other Pycnonotids as 70%, (Watling 1983; Kruger, 2004; Fishpool and Tobias, 2005; Balakrishnan, 2007 and 2010).