Squash beetle

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(Zool.) a small American beetle (Diabrotica vittata, syn. Galeruca vittata) which is often abundant and very injurious to the leaves of squash, cucumber, etc. It is striped with yellow and black. The name is applied also to other allied species.

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They're members of the colorful coleopteran (beetle) family that seems to be such a help to human gardeners, except for two family members that detract decidedly from the clan's "wholly natural" reputation: Of more than 450 species in the lady beetle family in North America, only the Mexican bean beetle and the squash beetle fail to live up to the do-good reputation of their relatives.
Joe is the hungry insect that tries to dine on a squash beetle pupa.
The neophyte and serious gardener or cook alike will also learn much from the authors' experiences with farm creatures such as guinea fowl and the ticks and squash beetles that provide them with delectable treats; ways to reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides; and how to store what the land produces.