v. t.1.To throw with a jerk; to throw edge foremost.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This sort of task has been applied to populations of adults (Lucas, 2000; McRae & Boisvert, 1998; Meyer & Schvaneveldt, 1971), school-age children (Nation & Snowling, 1999; Schvaneveldt, Ackerman, & Semlear, 1977), and even clinical populations with amnesia (Schacter, 1985; Shimamura & Squir, 1984) or neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, which can lead to impairments in language processing (Hagoort, Brown, & Swaab, 1996; Ukkonen, Vahvelainen, Hamalainen, Dastidar, & Elovaara, 2009).
"Berzerk" samples a few lines and also, most notably the guitar riff of the "The Stroke" from Billy Squir. The way legendary producer Rick Rubin incorporated and mixed in portions of the latter song not only put the much needed emphasis on the heaviness of "Berzerk" but it provided the whole nostalgic "throw-back feel" to it as well.
squir fou PS950 f Only 1 engin miler out a g person We found: Can you argue with PSfor a little red coupe?
Squir: "The Algebra of Conditional logic", Algebra Universalis 27 (1990), 88-110.
7717 Son [thorn]e tre was heun dun, And squir on- laid and scantliun, [thorn]e tre was als mete and quem, Als animan [thorn]ar-to cuth deme.
I still remember a notorious "18th century" squir rel faked in Staffordshire pottery which had been made along the south coast in the 1930s.
He's soon forced to accept an offer of lodging from squir relly local Fred (Kevin McDonald, from the Kids in the Hall comedy troupe).
Red Decapit squir thin wo think pity was less than 5000 people a game watched so rich in th att the incident'
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