v. t.1.See Squir.
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The red squirrel numbers that we have now and the recovery we have is down to that dedication and we need to keep that up if we want to Save our Squirr els.
Staff hope the animals' deaths will prompt motorists to take greater care on the country road, which connects to the A696, and plans are in place to approach Northumberland County Council to ask for squirr el warning signs to be created.
1989a), although Sork and Boucher (1977), Sork (1983b), and Hubbard and McPherson (1997) found that squirr els and jays efficiently sorted nuts.
New acts and old are positioned to take advantage of this recent phenomenon, from Tony Bennett to the Squirr el Nut Zippers, from the Cherry Poppin' Daddies (with their background in punk ska) to the Brian Setzer Orchestra (led by the former Stray Cat rockability guitarist).