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senior airman


abbreviation for


(in Britain) abbreviation for
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Strategic Rail Authority


1. Senhora.
2. Señora.
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SRA uses its proprietary technology to develop salary surveys for national, regional, and local organizations.
Clearly, for this example, providing additional support equipment, automatic test equipment, test program sets and manpower to repair SRAs may not be cost effective in view of the small (but measurable) cost saving in spares dollars as compared to the Navy baseline repair concept.
For example, most SRA therapists claim that the events described are so horrible that children have no choice but to blot out all conscious memory.
SRA Board Member Roland Beltran said on Tuesday that the SRA Board already approved the renewal of as much as 285 out of 286 JO contracts whose term has expired on July 1.
Villar, who chairs the Senate committee on agriculture and food, asked the SRA the amount of money they spent in 2016 to trace the reason why the Department of Budget cut the sugar agency's budget for the past years.
During a senate hearing on Thursday, some senators, led by Senator Cynthia Villar and Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, grilled SRA Administrator Hermenegildo Serafica on his agency's failure to utilize the budget for SIDA.
SRA explained that the importation would plug the shortfall in domestic production to meet the rising demand for sugar by the domestic market.
The practice of Ieuan Jones and David Philips at Jestyn Jeffreys, Castle Buildings, in Church Place, has been "intervened" by the regulatory body, which means the SRA has closed the firm with immediate effect.
According to the SRA, the US quota allocation will be allocated among the sugar exporters on a "first come-first served" basis.
It is 10km from the Koh Nhek crossroad en route to the Bou Sra waterfall, or 20km from downtown Mondulkiri province.
Sodho Sindhi, who claimed to be a spokesman for SRA, said in a message emailed to Dawn on Wednesday that SRA rejected Pakistan's electoral system and urged Sindhis to oppose assemblies and boycott polls because 'assemblies are rubber stamp'.