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A creole based on English, spoken in coastal Suriname and widely used as a lingua franca.

[Sranan Sranan, Suriname, Sranan.]


(ˈsrɑ nən)

an English-based creole widely spoken in Suriname.Also called Sra′nan Ton′go (ˈtɒŋ goʊ) Taki-Taki.
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According to levies sources, the victims were on way to home in a vehicle when another vehicle hit their vehicle which was coming from opposition direction due to over speeding near Sranan area of Pishin district.
President Kovind heaped praises on the South American country, saying that the ones who built the country "are made of higher determination and steely courage," clarifying that these were no random thoughts but "steady feelings that clouded me as I walked to the Mama Sranan and 'Baba and Mai' monuments this morning."
Kofi Yakpo and Adrienne Bruyn show that Sranan locative constructions were modeled on a Niger-Congo substrate but also retain lexifier features and have undergone contact-induced and language-internal change.
"Demographic Factors in the Formation of Sranan." Pp.
Y por otro hallamos el tapu, una palabra sranan indicando un amuleto que relaciona con la religion winti de los afrosurinamenses (2).
Trefossa (die pseudoniem van Frans Henri de Ziel, 1916-75) word gereken as die persoon wat die Surinaamse digkuns gemoderniseer het: "een baanbreker onder de 'moderne' dichters in het Sranan", aldus Albert Helman (149).
Este seria el caso de los criollos hablados en la Costa Misquita, Guyana, Belice, asi como del criollo plantacional, denominado sranan en Surinam.
The depiction of historical figures such as Manuel Piar, the role of popular music styles such as Tumba, and the contested place of the creole languages Papiamentu in Curacao and Sranan in Suriname provide the basis for an analysis of the phenomenon of 'diglossia' in the Dutch Antilles.
El libro muestra ademas la heterogeneidad de los codigos culturales en las Antillas Holandesas, introduciendo al lector al fascinante universo de los "creoles" linguisticos: papiamentu en Curazao y Bonaire y sranan en Surinam.
"Although Dutch is the official language, the locals speak a language called Sranan Tongo which in fact is easier, as it uses a variation of English words.
is Sranan Tongo (a Creole language of Suriname) for "My country