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A creole based on English, spoken in coastal Suriname and widely used as a lingua franca.

[Sranan Sranan, Suriname, Sranan.]


(ˈsrɑ nən)

an English-based creole widely spoken in Suriname.Also called Sra′nan Ton′go (ˈtɒŋ goʊ) Taki-Taki.
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Thus in Suriname the main creole language, Sranan Tongo, has an English-derived lexicon even though it became a Dutch colony.
Although Dutch is the official language, the locals speak a language called Sranan Tongo which in fact is easier, as it uses a variation of English words.
is Sranan Tongo (a Creole language of Suriname) for "My country
Pero tambien se destacan el sranan tongo, el hindi, el javanes, el chino, el djuka, el saramaccan y los idiomas nativos con sus disimiles dialectos.
This alternation also characterizes a text reproduced by Hagoort and Schotel (1982: 86) to show the writing proficiency in Sranan Tongo of an 11-year-old creole girl.