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Noun1.Sravana - the fifth month of the Hindu calendar
Hindu calendar - the lunisolar calendar governing the religious life of Hindus; an extra month is inserted after every month in which there are two new moons (once every three years)
Hindu calendar month - any lunisolar month in the Hindu calendar
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The concepts of Sravana, Manana and Nididhyasana are now identified by new terms like Intructer-Led Training Sessions (Classroom Sessions, Video Sessions etc.), Case Analysis (Problem Solving Excercises) and Experiential Learning (Working on Live Project) respectively (Duck, J., 2006).
[6] Reddy, Sravana; Kevin, Knight (2011): "What we know about the Voynich Manuscript".
Adding that they celebrate the festival on sighting of full moon in the lunar calendar's Savan or Sravana month during which Hindu women tie a thread known as 'Rakhi' around their brothers' wrists and pray for their safety.
Also called Rakhi, Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival in which sisters tie a bracelet made of interwoven threads around their brothers' wrists on the full moon of the month of Sravana in the lunar calendar.
It is celebrated on the full moon in the month of Sravana in the lunar calendar.
Sravana is the stage in which meticulous listening takes place, Manana is the stage in which in depth meditation on what has been listened to takes place, and the Nidhidhyasana is that stage in which whatever has been listened to and meditated upon is strived to be realized in one's own experience, thereby transforming one's being altogether!
This year, our innovative Onam programme, 'Sneha Sravana Sangaman-2013' will be held at three locations in homes for the aged where we, the WMC members, along with other like-minded friends and organisations, will spend the day.
Telugo veteran Dr Rajendra Prasad, actress Veda Archana, above, playback singers Hemachandra and Sravana Bhargavi and folk singer Madhu Priya will be present.
It will feature Telugu hero Dr Rajendra Prasad, actress Veda Archana, playback singers Hemachandra and Sravana Bhargavi and folk singer Madhu Priya, who will all be flown in from Hyderabad for the occasion.
The same is true of Sankara's theological method, which involves the three steps of sravana (listening to the Scriptures), manana (cogitating), and nidhidhyasana (meditating over and over on a passage in the Scriptures so that it becomes personalized).