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A city of northern India on the Jhelum River north of Amritsar. Founded in the sixth century ad, it has long been a noted resort and is now the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir.


(Placename) a city in N India, the summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, at an altitude of 1600 m (5250 ft) on the Jhelum River: seat of the University of Jammu and Kashmir (1948). Pop: 894 940 (2001)


(sriˈnʌg ər, ʃri-)

the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, on the Jhelum River. 594,775.
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After a month reviewing the case files, examining photographs and statements, I flew with Vic to Srinigar where we could examine the key elements for ourselves.
In a telephonic address to participants of a seminar organized by the Muslim League in Srinigar, Gilani said the youth are being thrown in jails by the authorities in an attempt to crush the dissent and weaken the freedom struggle, reported.
Srinigar, May 28 ( ANI ): The core group of the ruling National Conference (NC) in Jammu and Kashmir was reported to be holding a meeting at the residence of former union minister and NC patron Dr.
Police have arrested a Dutchman in connection with the murder of a British woman, Sarah Groves from Guernsey, who was found stabbed to death on a houseboat in Srinigar.
Mr Mackie, 36, was released by rebel gunmen in the Kashmir city of Srinigar earlier today, ending torment for his family in the North-East.
To Britain, it formed part of a buffer between the Russians and its valuable Indian colony Since 1877, the British had administered the region through an agent of the Indian governor-general based in Srinigar in the province of Jammu and Kashmir.
Divya Gopalan, Al Jazeera's correspondent reporting from Srinigar, said India's right-wing BJP party criticised the delegation for visiting the separatist leaders at their homes.
The clampdown was briefly lifted on Thursday and thousands took to the streets of Srinigar to denounce the Indian security forces.
said Hameeda Nayeem, a professor of English literature at the University of Kashmir in Srinigar, and one of the founding members of the group.
Hindu character Ravana, Srinigar, Kashmir, 21 October
Despite the assault in Srinigar, the summer capital of Indian Kashmir, officials insisted the bus service, one of the clearest positive steps in the two nations' often-stumbling peace process, would go forward on Thursday.
Doraiswamy in 1991, (443) and the burning down of a Sufi Shrine in Srinigar in December 1995.