St Johns

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St. Johns

(ˌseɪnt ˈdʒɒnz)
a river flowing N and E through NE Florida into the Atlantic. 276 mi. (444 km) long.

St. John's

(or John

1. the capital of Newfoundland, on the SE part of the island. 96,216.
2. a seaport on and the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, on NW Antigua, in the E West Indies. 30,000.
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IT MAY not be Liverpool's greatest ever building, but St Johns shopping centre has quite the claim to fame.
Its predecessor, St Johns Market, stood on the same site in earlier years and had the honour of being the first covered general food market in Britain.
People living on "St Johns Mount" says the sign looks wrong.
St Johns and St John's, two St Johns or belonging to St John, it's a completely different meaning, isn't it?"
LAND Securities has told the Daily Post that it expects to submit a planning application for the refurbishment of St Johns Shopping Centre and the adjacent market by the end of the year.
Augustine, seeking to stop St Johns County from collecting a "discriminatory and unconstitutional" poll tax.