St Lawrence Seaway

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St. Lawrence Seaway

a series of channels, locks, and canals between Montreal and the mouth of Lake Ontario, a distance of 182 miles (293 km), enabling most deep-draft vessels to travel from the Atlantic Ocean, up the St. Lawrence River, to all the Great Lakes ports: developed jointly by the U.S. and Canada.
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The ship operates on the waterways of the St Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes.
Axmann transfers from his submarine to a freighter, taking his sinister package with him and heads up the St Lawrence Seaway and makes his way to Yellowstone National Park.
A different set of procedures governs foreign-flagged vessels on the St Lawrence Seaway. A "notice-of-arrival" must be submitted to the Marine Communications and Traffic Service in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 96 hours before entering North American waters.
But at the same time, average prices for coastal and intercoastal freight transportation jumped 7.6% as prices for Great Lakes and St Lawrence Seaway services dropped 4.6%.