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CHAS PS5 Grateful thanks to St Martha Deafblind Scotland PS50 In loving memory of a much-loved husband, dad and grandad.
Notably, it is the only Australian parish named after St Martha and its socio-economic composition in the early decades of the 20th century did not reflect an Irish-Australian working class parish.
At a meeting with thousands children from Jesuit schools across Italy and Albania, Francis, 76, said he preferred the company of other guests at the Vatican's St Martha guesthouse rather than living on his own in the pontifical apartments previously occupied by Benedict XVI.
Formerly dedicated to St Martha, under the purchase agreement a new name had to be found.
Bishop Henry O'Leary (1879-1938) founded the Sisters of St Martha of Charlottetown to serve the 45 per cent of the population of PEI that was Catholic.
Chest, Heart & Stroke Unit PS20 Grateful thanks for favours received from St Martha.
Cancer Research UK: PS10 in thanks to St Martha for prayers answered.
Scottish Society For Autistic Children: PS40 Thanks to 8DA St Martha for prayers answered.
The Donkey Sanctuary: PS15 Thanks to Jesus, Mary, Joseph, St Jude, St Martha and St Anthony for prayers answered.
Mother Teresa Fund: pounds 5 Thanks to St Clare, St Anthony and St Martha for favours granted.