Martin of Tours

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Mar·tin of Tours

 (mär′tn, mär-tăN′; to͝or, to͞or), Saint ad 316?-397?
Roman soldier who converted to Christianity, became bishop of Tours (371), and is revered as a patron saint of France.
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Funeral service to be held on Tuesday March 13th in St Martin of Tours Church, Whinney Banks, at 2pm followed by interment in Thorntree R C Cemetery.
It is also the feast day of St Martin of Tours, a 4th-Century Hungarian soldier who became Patron Saint of France.
The phrase comes to us from those praying, in centuries past, to St Martin of Tours, patron saint of military men: O me Beati Martin (O Blessed Martin).
The funeral service for Mr Maddocks, 34, a former boxer from Llay, was held at the village's Church of St Martin of Tours, where hundreds lined up to pay their respects.
ST MARTIN OF TOURS CHURCH, HAVERFORDWEST - PS100,000 St Martins is Grade II* listed as a church of early medieval origins, retaining good 14th Century Gothic chancel arch, sedilia, piscina and porch niches.
He looks after St Mary's and St Martin of Tours churches in the West Wales town.
Wearing sunglasses and a black suit, the devastated actor watched as the hearse arrived at St Martin of Tours Catholic Church.
Stallone was comforted by wife Jennifer Flavin and his brother Frank at the memorial service at St Martin of Tours Catholic Church.
Sean's funeral took place at St Martin of Tours Church in Ballyhale where he once served as an altar boy.
The idea came from Bill Brockie, chaplain to Caledonian Brewery and minister at St Martin of Tours in the city.
Luther was born here on 10 November 1483 and was baptised next day, the feast of St Martin of Tours, in the local church of St Peter and St Paul (the baptismal font still survives).
Around 800 people crowded into St Martin of Tours Church to honour the life of the ever-cheerful host of the South Hatch Racing Club and wife of former trainer Arthur Pitt, the man who once trained the great Persian War.