St Quentin

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St. Quen•tin

(ˌseɪnt ˈkwɛn tn; Fr. sɛ̃ kɑ̃ˈtɛ̃)

a city in N France, on the Somme. 69,153.
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The International Centre at St Quentin Gate, Telford, has created an Ocean's 11 'heist-style' video to promote the venue.
The International Centre at St Quentin Gate, has created the video in the style of a blockbuster crime film to promote its venue.
During the weekend of May 25-26, he attended the French national team championships just outside Paris in St Quentin, where he supported EVB Bellgarde, something he has done for the last six years.
It was the storming of the St Quentin Canal and the capture of the Riqueval Bridge by the 'Terriers' of the South and North Staffordshire Regiments of the 137th (Staffordshire) Brigade.
And beyond the pillar, stretched 60 feet above the water of the St Quentin Canal, is the single-track Riqueval Bridge, built in the time of Napoleon.
029 2022 4488 THEATRE Everyman Theatre: Journey's End is set in the British trenches in northern France just before the Battle of St Quentin. The play chronicles four days in an officers' dugout as they await a fate that they fear is inevitable.
It is a reminder of the Great War courage the man who spent his childhood in an orphanage displayed at St Quentin canal.
The crossing of the St Quentin Canal at Riqueval finally broke the German defensive position known by the British as the Hindenburg Line and by the Germans as the Siegfried Line.
1918 : Pte William Edward Lockwood was killed in Action on March 21, 1918, aged 21 at the Battle of St Quentin on the Somme.
WHEN we received the news that the enemy had retired to within four miles of St Quentin, Paddy wanted to bet two to one that the German front line would still be four miles this side of St Quentin in twelve months' time.
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