St Vincent

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St. Vin•cent

(ˈvɪn sənt)
1. an island in the S Windward Islands, in the SE West Indies: part of the state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 133 sq. mi. (345 sq. km).
2. Cape, the SW tip of Portugal.
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You can now support St Vincent's Hospice while you shop online at absolutely no cost by signing up with AmazonSmile.
Why not hop across the pond to the Caribbean island of St Vincent, above, for a five-star all-inclusive stay at Buccament Bay Resort, home to Pat Cash's Tennis Academy.
The body of the man, named as John Garner, 53, was discovered on the raft by the coastguard off St Vincent on Wednesday afternoon.
THE CEO of St Vincent's Hospital has admitted his HSE salary was topped up with a massive [euro]136,591 of private funds.
ST VINCENT'S school for children with sensory impairment in West Derby have been selected as one of the charities to benefit from Santander's Community Team activities.
"There is great support in Northern Ireland for ethically produced commodities and we look forward to strengthening these relationships across Northern Ireland to benefit developing world producers." With "Operation Cutback" to clear the banana fields, Fairtrade farmers are beginning to replant in St Vincent, so the proposal is to have this fund dedicated to inputs such as fertilizer, to be distributed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture in St.
The For The Folk of St Vincent gig, at Hepworth Village Hall on Friday, raised money for the farmers of the Caribbean island which was hit by Hurricane Tomas.
The historic St Vincent's Catholic Hospital in New York City's Greenwich Village filed for bankruptcy protection last week, after more than 160 years of treating patients.
The Caribbean island of St Vincent is the centre of a chain of small islands called St Vincent and The Grenadines, situated 100 miles west of Barbados nestling between St Lucia in the north and Grenada in the south.
Well, if St Vincent qualify for the World Cup Finals they will have to do a re-make - starring Adie Shaw, Terry Dolan and a squad of happy-go-lucky West Indian footballers.
A THANKSGIVING service to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of independence for St Vincent and the Grenadines is to be held in Coventry.