St. Benedict

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Noun1.St. Benedict - Italian monk who founded the Benedictine order about 540 (480-547)St. Benedict - Italian monk who founded the Benedictine order about 540 (480-547)
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While they were thus talking there appeared on the road two friars of the order of St.
The friars drew rein and stood wondering at the appearance of Don Quixote as well as at his words, to which they replied, "Senor Caballero, we are not devilish or unnatural, but two brothers of St.
To this he answered, with abundance of candour, thus: "Sir, I am a Catholic of the Roman Church, and a priest of the order of St.
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After she became a nun, she ruled a community of religious sisters in Plombarola, Italy near Monte Cassino, where St.
Let us continue to pray and propagate this prayer of deliverance by St.
They provide educational resources, infrastructure, and grant funds to churches, like they did with St.
Set atop a hill overlooking the small town of Ferdinand, the Monastery of the Sisters of St.
Benedict, on-call doctors, staff night carers,- The management and operation of the staff of St.
Walk up Hob Moor Road, crossing over Monica Road and Heather Road, past Aljirah School and Community Centre, and then turning left into St.
Sally Bowersox, an RN, who is the Executive Director of the St.
MISSION CHURCHES: Mokuaikaua Church, 75-5713 Alii Drive, Kailua-Kona; St.