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Noun1.St. Bridget - Irish abbess; a patron saint of Ireland (453-523)
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Callixtus, St. Bridget used to remain long hours in holy contemplation, and St.
In addition, Cowgill currently serves on the management committee and is treasurer of the Urban Land Institute of Virginia, is vice-chair of the Income Action Council of the United Way of Greater Richmond, and is an active member of St. Bridget's Church.
Loving wife of the late Evan Griffith Morris who were married at St. Bridget's Anglican Church, Liverpool in March 1946, also after her marriage a faithful worshipper at Llanedwen and Llanddaniel Fab Parish Churches, Anglesey since 1946, mother of Beryl, Owen, John and Evan Wyn, grandmother of Caren, Dafydd, Elisabeth, Leah, Mared, Sion, Rhys, Llyr, Arron, Nathan, Elsa and a caring great grandmother.
A funeral Mass will be celebrated on Friday, April 24 at 9:00am in St. Bridget's Church, 1 Percival Street Maynard.
It was Angelicum's first defeat in two games in Group A of the tournament sponsored by Milo and organized by BEST Center, relegating it to a share of second spot with University of Perpetual Help System, which bowed to St. Bridget, 5436.
St. Bridget of Sweden, canonized three decades before Meister Francke began the altarpiece to which this Nativity belongs, found it difficult to believe that Jesus' mother suffered at his birth.
Mary's Secondary school on April 18, it is of very great concern that homosexual activist Chris D'Souza, hiding his activism, and appealing emotionally to the daddies and mommies in the overl00-person audience "when I drop my daughter off at St. Bridget's school and watch her little backpack as she runs into the school ...," left as a victor that night.
It tore apart families and rocked the entire community, but it also occasioned a response from the town's Catholic church, St. Bridget, that has modeled just what "Mother Church" can do when a broken, outdated immigration policy puts legal enforcement ahead of common sense and ordinary compassion (Page 1).
Requiem Mass at St. Bridget's Church, Polnoon Street, Eaglesham, on Wednesday 1st July at 10.00am.
But while you're toasting Saint Patrick on March 17, Brian Dunn will be raising a glass to a different holy Emerald Isle icon: St. Bridget.
I'm not saying this in any kind of Mayflower snooty way, but I was recently jiggering with some of those nifty Mormon genealogy computer programs and have traced my lineage back through St. Bridget to Mary Magdalene and Jesus.
No matter, Barth's slip is more than balanced by the art historians' perpetuation of a fact not in evidence: the influence of St. Bridget of Sweden on Grunewald's work.