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Noun1.St. Christopher - Christian martyr and patron saint of travellers (3rd century)St. Christopher - Christian martyr and patron saint of travellers (3rd century)
2.St. Christopher - the largest of the islands comprising Saint Christopher-Nevis
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Christopher-Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis, St. Christopher-Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis - a country on several of the Leeward Islands; located to the east southeast of Puerto Rico; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1983
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These once aboard, the ship set her broad mainsail, purple in color, and with a golden St. Christopher bearing Christ upon his shoulder in the centre of it.
a long time, we missed several opportunities of sending them to France; for we met several ships bound to Europe, whereof two were French, from St. Christopher's, but they had been so long beating up against the wind that they durst take in no passengers, for fear of wanting provisions for the voyage, as well for themselves as for those they should take in; so we were obliged to go on.
On his first trip to the region as foreign minister, Wu is scheduled to visit St. Christopher and Nevis, St.
* St. Christopher Knights of Columbus all-you-can-eat Lenten fish fry, 4 to 7 p.m., Christopher Columbian Club, 109 N.
Erin Cipko, MD, is an attending physician in the section of neonatal-perinatal medicine at St. Christopher's.
He was a member of St. Christopher's Parish since his marriage in 1966; a member of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division 36, since his arrival in Worcester in 1954, and the Sons of Erin in Yarmouth.
And at St. Christopher's Church in Burlington, Ont., Anglicans are doing this in a decade-old dinner and clothing program that blurs the lines between the needy and need-nots.
The old dirty pet farm has been removed from a residential area, behind St. Christopher 's School in New Saar (Muqabah, Block 513, Road 1323).
Then they would lead us in an Our Father and a Hail Mary, punctuated by, "St. Christopher, be our guide," a nod to the patron saint of travel.
St. Christopher Parish in Philadelphia had a program Dec.
When Lili St. Christopher was tapped by her employer to attend an executive education program, her options included a program for African-Americans and another focused solely on women.

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