St. Crispin

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Noun1.St. Crispin - patron saint of shoemakers; he and his brother were martyred for trying to spread Christianity (3rd century)
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more unto the breach" exhortation surrounded by the outdoor audience, transforming members into the "band of brothers" the king will laud a few scenes later in his St. Crispin's Day speech.
Mrs Bradshaw, 63, has been a church warden at St. Crispin's Church, in Fallowfield, for 37 years and is President of the Mother's Union Archdeaconry for Manchester.
In addition to the bloody battles, the film echoes with "big'' speeches, every one of them a variation on the "St. Crispin's Day'' pre-battle exhortation by the young king in Shakespeare's "Henry V.''
But even more important, Henry resounds, pity all absent Englishmen, now asleep in their beds across the Channel, who--because they did not fight this St. Crispin's Day battle--must forever hold their manhoods cheap.