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Noun1.St. Denis - United States dancer and choreographer who collaborated with Ted Shawn (1877-1968)St. Denis - United States dancer and choreographer who collaborated with Ted Shawn (1877-1968)
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We had stood in the ancient church of St. Denis, where the marble effigies of thirty generations of kings and queens lay stretched at length upon the tombs, and the sensations invoked were startling and novel; the curious armor, the obsolete costumes, the placid faces, the hands placed palm to palm in eloquent supplication--it was a vision of gray antiquity.
Gay-Lussac the chemist, Laplace the astronomer, Larrey the surgeon, de Suze the advocate, are here, and with them are Talma, Bellini, Rubini; de Balzac, Beaumarchais, Beranger; Moliere and Lafontaine, and scores of other men whose names and whose worthy labors are as familiar in the remote by-places of civilization as are the historic deeds of the kings and princes that sleep in the marble vaults of St. Denis.
On account of her too easy government of her nuns, some disreputable irregularities were discovered among them, and the Abbot of St. Denis broke up her establishment.
"You have the abbey of St. Denis, in France, a magnificent property?"
I found them, camarades, at the Church of St. Denis in the harrying of Narbonne, and I took them away with me lest they fall into the hands of the wicked.
Bonacieux was just the woman to walk with in the Plain St. Denis or in the fair of St.
For example, here is Debray who reads, and Beauchamp who prints, every day, `A member of the Jockey Club has been stopped and robbed on the Boulevard;' `four persons have been assassinated in the Rue St. Denis' or `the Faubourg St.
Chantilly was a quondam cobbler of the Rue St. Denis, who, becoming stage-mad, had attempted the rôle of Xerxes, in Crébillon's tragedy so called, and been notoriously Pasquinaded for his pains.
He was a member of St. Denis church and attended until he lost his hearing in later years.
Congratulations to the following students who were chosen to the Midland-Wachusett League all-star teams: Golf, Charlie George and Paul Ferrechia; field hockey, Jesse Dougherty, Madison Doerr, Grace Pendergast, Mikayla Herron and James O'Day; cross country, Sophia Nosek, Emilie Sullivan, Katelyn St. Denis, Emily St.
Constables Tara St. Denis and Todd DePagie were recognized for their efforts by the Alberta Solicitor General's office at the 20th annual Crime Prevention Awards ceremony in May.
Brian St. Denis, a movie junkie, is Alternatives Journal's audience development manager.