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or De·nys  (dĕn′ĭs, də-nē′), Saint Third century ad.
Patron saint of France. Sent to minister to the Gauls as the first bishop of Paris, he suffered martyrdom by decapitation.


(ˈdɛnɪs; French dəni)
1. (Biography) Maurice (mɔris). 1870–1943, French painter and writer on art. One of the leading Nabis, he defined a picture as "essentially a flat surface covered with colours assembled in a certain order"
2. (Biography) Saint Denis Saint Denys 3rd century ad, first bishop of Paris; patron saint of France. Feast day: Oct 9


(ˈdɛn ɪs; Fr. dəˈni)

Saint, died A.D. c280, 1st bishop of Paris: patron saint of France.
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The second was to be staged down the street from St. Dionysus Cathedral, the headquarters of Greece's small Catholic community, when John Paul stops there.