St. George's

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Noun1.St. George's - the capital and largest city of Grenada
Grenada - an island state in the West Indies in the southeastern Caribbean Sea; an independent state within the British Commonwealth
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Let not the modern paintings of this scene mislead us; for though the creature encountered by that valiant whaleman of old is vaguely represented of a griffin-like shape, and though the battle is depicted on land and the saint on horseback, yet considering the great ignorance of those times, when the true form of the whale was unknown to artists; and considering that as in Perseus' case, St.
It was this howling and firing of the guns at Ripley and St.
A similar tube was handed to each of the three, and the seven proceeded to distribute themselves at equal distances along a curved line between St.
To us and to an observer about Ripley it would have had precisely the same effect--the Martians seemed in solitary possession of the darkling night, lit only as it was by the slender moon, the stars, the afterglow of the daylight, and the ruddy glare from St.
There was not a soul in Randolph Crescent, nor a soul in Queensferry Street; in this outdoor privacy and the sense of escape, John took heart again; and with a pathetic sense of leave-taking, he even ventured up the lane and stood awhile, a strange peri at the gates of a quaint paradise, by the west end of St.
I should like the scheme, and we would make a little circuit, and shew you Everingham in our way, and perhaps you would not mind passing through London, and seeing the inside of St.
The other day I saw Miss Trotter (that was), arrayed in them, trip into the travelling carriage at St.
Despite efforts to whip England into a state of patriotic pride on St.
Polsinelli arranged for both schools' officials to meet and structure a lease situation where LaSalle would occupy 50% of St.
George, from its inception and arrival in England (and St.
My brother Leo Blain, an insurance broker in Burlington, Ontario, has pledged to raise $100,000 for St.
The most difficult thing is not knowing for sure what has happened," Canon Andrew White, rector of St.