St. Martin

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Noun1.St. Martin - French bishop who is a patron saint of France (died in 397)St. Martin - French bishop who is a patron saint of France (died in 397)
2.St. Martin - an island in the western Leeward IslandsSt. Martin - an island in the western Leeward Islands; administered jointly by France and the Netherlands
Leeward Islands - a group of islands in the eastern West Indies
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One man-- the first--had gone to St. Martin's-le-Grand, and, while I sheltered in the cabmen's hut, had contrived to telegraph to Paris.
that's nothing, Master Thibaut, compared with the winter of 1407, when it froze from St. Martin's Day until Candlemas!
Hilda pulled down her veil and they stepped out into the thick brown wash that submerged St. Martin's Lane.
Jos was so comfortably situated in St. Martin's Lane, he could enjoy his hookah there with such perfect ease, and could swagger down to the theatres, when minded, so agreeably, that, perhaps, he would have remained altogether at the Slaughters' had not his friend, the Major, been at his elbow.
At her burial in St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, Archbishop Tenison preached the sermon.
"With all my heart, if you will be a brave St. Martin, stopping as you ride gallantly through the world to share your cloak with the beggar."
He strolled up Bond Street or through the Burlington Arcade, and when he was tired went and sat down in the Park or in wet weather in the public library in St. Martin's Lane.
Ben first went to a little school at St. Martin's-in-the-fields in London.
"By St. Martin of Tours!" shouted the fat knight, his wrath all changed in an instant to joy, "if it is not my dear little game rooster of the Garonne.
Pickwick, with his portmanteau in his hand, his telescope in his greatcoat pocket, and his note-book in his waistcoat, ready for the reception of any discoveries worthy of being noted down, had arrived at the coach-stand in St. Martin's-le-Grand.
They needed breakfast, and alighted at the door of an AUBERGE, recommended by a sign representing St. Martin giving half his cloak to a poor man.
Yes, I drove over to St. Martin's-le-Grand with it, and I registered the box into the bargain.