St. Patrick

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Noun1.St. Patrick - Apostle and patron saint of IrelandSt. Patrick - Apostle and patron saint of Ireland; an English missionary to Ireland in the 5th century
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In 1713 he received the unwelcome gift of the deanship of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, and the next year, when the Queen died and the Tory ministry fell, he withdrew to Dublin, as he himself bitterly said, 'to die like a poisoned rat in a hole.'
His grave in St. Patrick's Cathedral bears this inscription of his own composing, the best possible epitome of his career:
Again Swift felt that he was unjustly treated, and even when he was at length made Dean of St. Patrick's that consoled him little.
On the 15th of May, 1824, his vessel, the St. Patrick, passed close to Tikopia, one of the New Hebrides.
I vowed to serve him as St. Patrick, in the Irish chronicle, is said to have served the toad, -- that is to say, "awaken him to a sense of his situation." I addressed myself to the task forthwith.
What was supposed to be a day of celebration took a tragic turn for three teenagers in Northern Ireland as they were killed on Sunday while planning to spend the night out in honor of ( St. Patrick's Day.
One shared tale surrounding St. Patrick is the notion that he drove all the snakes from the country.
It's origins come from St. Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland, who wasn't from Ireland, and his name wasn't Patrick either, but that doesn't matter.
In the pages of "St. Patrick's Journey", young Christians ages 4-10 can join Peg Patrick as he travels around Ireland in the footsteps of St.
uk Venue: Carrowmena Activity Centre, Limavady Visitors to the area and locals alike can experience a taste of fresh air, fun and adventure at Carrowmena Activity Centre this St. Patrick's Day holiday weekend.
Bagpipers march past St. Patrick's Cathedral during the 255th annual St.