Saint Vitus dance

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Noun1.Saint Vitus dance - chorea occurring chiefly in children and associated with rheumatic fever
chorea - any of several degenerative nervous disorders characterized by spasmodic movements of the body and limbs
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"You never take the trouble to see if he will go without it; your whip is always going as if you had the St. Vitus' dance in your arm, and if it does not wear you out it wears your horse out; you know you are always changing your horses; and why?
Among the programmed works: Handel's Aria, Dzubay's St. Vitus' Dance, Sforzini's Sextet, Tsontakis' Bagatelles, and Verdi's String Quartet in E minor.
Crockett lived on a sailboat called St. Vitus' Dance that was guarded by his pet alligator, Elvis.