Stabat Mater

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Sta·bat Ma·ter

 (stä′bät mä′tər, stăb′ăt mā′tər)
1. A medieval Latin hymn on the sorrows of the Virgin Mary at the Crucifixion.
2. A musical setting for this hymn.

[From Medieval Latin Stābat Māter (dolōrōsa), the Mother was standing (full of sorrow), the first words of the hymn : Latin stābat, third person sing. imperfect tense of stāre, to stand + Medieval Latin Māter, Mother (of God).]

Stabat Mater

(ˈstɑːbæt ˈmɑːtə)
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) RC Church a Latin hymn, probably of the 13th century, commemorating the sorrows of the Virgin Mary at the crucifixion and used in the Mass and various other services
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a musical setting of this hymn
[from the opening words, literally: the mother was standing]

Sta•bat Ma•ter

(ˈstɑ bɑt ˈmɑ tɛr, ˈsteɪ bæt ˈmeɪ tər)
1. a Latin hymn, composed in the 13th century, commemorating the sorrows of the Virgin Mary at the Cross.
2. a musical setting for this.
[literally, (His) mother was standing, the first words of the hymn]

Stabat Mater

A Latin phrase meaning the mother was standing, used to mean a Roman Catholic hymn that begins with these words.
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To give but a few examples as regards the duration of the Stabat Mater dolorosa section: Belohlavek--19:48, Kubelik--18:30, Sawallisch--20:58, Sinopoli--20:36, with the longest account being that of Vaclav Smetacek, 23 minutes.
Como quiera que sea, el hecho es que en nuestra America lo que se acostumbra son composiciones tipo "Requiem" que, como se sabe, son misas de difuntos; las "Pasiones", o los igualmente muy conocidos "Stabat Mater" y similares, es decir, obras de reconocimiento universal tal como los Requiems de Mozart y Brahms, las Pasiones de Bach o Stabat Mater dolorosa de Pergolesi, todas de gran belleza y por eso mismo gustadas y esperadas por estas fechas en las que invariablemente estan presentes.
Composers through the ages have used the words of the 13th Century Marian poem Stabat Mater Dolorosa (the sorrowful mother stood) - a meditation on the suffering of Mary as she stood at the foot of the cross as Jesus was crucified - and it was the settings of two of the great Italian Baroque composers, Giovanni Pergolesi and Antonio Vivaldi, which were showcased.