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n.1.A yard or inclosure for stacks of hay or grain.
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Smith's intense ter- ror; Amy Foster's stolid conviction held against the other's nervous attack, that the man 'meant no harm'; Smith's exasperation (on his return from Darnford Market) at finding the dog barking himself into a fit, the back-door locked, his wife in hysterics; and all for an unfortunate dirty tramp, supposed to be even then lurking in his stackyard.
The Donnithorne Arms stood at the entrance of the village, and a small farmyard and stackyard which flanked it, indicating that there was a pretty take of land attached to the inn, gave the traveller a promise of good feed for himself and his horse, which might well console him for the ignorance in which the weather-beaten sign left him as to the heraldic bearings of that ancient family, the Donnithornes.
Still, the sight of the peacock opportunely spreading his tail on the stackyard wall, just as they reached Garum Firs, was enough to divert the mind temporarily from personal grievances.
Tenders are invited for Supply of labours for various cultivation and stackyard operations for the period from 01 mar 2018 to 31 mar 2018 at mf meerut cantt
43pm the force received a call from Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service informing us they were attending a vehicle fire in Stackyard Close, which was reported to them at 9.
His Old Stackyard herd exists solely to raise funds for two charities close to Emyr's heart - the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) and Ovarian Cancer Action (OCA).
Its founder offered an auction and valuation service from a hut on a stackyard in Ruskington in Lincolnshire.
The lining can be applied either in-situ after the pipes have been installed or in a stackyard adjacent to the project prior to installation.
I remember helping threshing in the stackyard at Ty Ucha farm, where the rats used to run to hide in a granite wall.
SUNDAY Christine & The Stackyard Stompers : Westwood Heath Club & Reading Rooms, Westwood Heath Road, Coventry, 12.
We would be turning the hay with pitchforks, gathering it into haycocks, loading it on to Price Tir-Paenau's haycart, filling the hayloft and building a haystack in the stackyard by the gate into Cae Cefn.
The garden, sheltered by the original stackyard wall, has plenty of potential to be developed for leisure or self-sufficiency.