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(ˈstɑl ɔlˈstɛn)

Anne Louise Germaine Necker, Baronne de, (Madame de Staël) 1766–1817, French writer.
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Euvres completes posthumes de madame la baronne de Stael-Holstein.
von Stael-Holstein (1877-1937), a scholar of Tibetology and Buddhology, is the person in question.
The story of this double publication is contained in the correspondence of Stael-Holstein, now preserved in the Harvard-Yenching Library.
Jayne, the editor of the short-lived journal Eastern Art, wrote from Philadelphia to Stael-Holstein in China to inform him that, as Eastern Art was being discontinued and could not publish his paper, he had forwarded it to JAOS.
On December 28th Jayne telegraphed Stael-Holstein to request his authorization for JAOS to publish his "Notes on Two Lama Paintings.
On May 9th 1933, Professor Chase wrote Stael-Holstein in reply to the Baron's letter of February 28th, forwarding the anxious Baron the short statement to be published in JAOS.
Stael, Germaine dein full Anne-Louise-Germaine Necker, Baroness (baronne) de Stael-Holstein byname Madame de Stael (b.
She was married in 1786 to the Swedish ambassador in Paris, Baron Erik de Stael-Holstein.
Even the aristocratic particle in her name, which one might want to read as an unambiguous marker of class affiliation, is misleading, and not only because Stael's nobility was a consequence of her marriage with the Swedish ambassador, Erik-Magnus de Stael-Holstein.