Staffordshire bull terrier

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Staf·ford·shire bull terrier

 (stăf′ərd-shîr′, -shər)
A dog of a small breed developed in England by crossing bulldogs and terriers. Originally bred for fighting, it has a muscular body, broad head, short legs, and short smooth coat. It is often referred to as a pit bull.

[After Staffordshire, a county of west-central England.]
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Staffordshire bull terrier

(Breeds) a breed of smooth-coated terrier with a stocky frame and generally a pied or brindled coat. See also bull terrier
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Staf′fordshire bull′ ter′rier

one of an English breed of stocky, muscular dogs with a broad head and chest, wide-set forelegs, and a smooth coat, orig. raised for bullbaiting and dogfighting.
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Noun1.Staffordshire bull terrier - English breed of strong stocky dog having a broad skull and smooth coat
bull terrier, bullterrier - a powerful short-haired terrier originated in England by crossing the bulldog with terriers
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A DOG was left seriously injured and its owner hurt after being attacked by two Staffordshire Bull Terriers in woods in Nuneaton.
Of these, five were Staffordshire bull terriers - and none was returned to their heartbroken owners.
"Two dogs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, were taken from the property and are in police kennels," authorities said at the time. 
AN e-petition rejecting calls to ban Staffordshire Bull Terriers has become the fourth most-signed petition since this government came into power.
Staffordshire Bull Terriers are known as loyal, affectionate and intelligent dogs
Including the Staffordshire Bull Terriers would effectively ban the breed from being owned in the UK.
The dogs awaiting adoption include an American bulldog and three Staffordshire bull terriers, one pet who is deaf, and a greyhound who can't live with "small furry animals as she is trained to chase them".
English springer spaniels were third on 5.8% while border terriers came fourth with 4.9% and Staffordshire bull terriers were the fifth most popular on 4.8%.
STAFFORDSHIRE Bull Terriers are more likely to go missing than any other breed of dog, a new study suggests.
CAMPAIGNER: Paul " Staffordshire bull terriers are legal in the UK but have been linked with a string of attacks in recent years.
Hundreds of Staffordshire bull terriers are being abandoned after being wrongly branded devil dogs, campaigners warned yesterday.

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