Staffordshire bull terrier

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Staf·ford·shire bull terrier

 (stăf′ərd-shîr′, -shər)
A dog of a small breed developed in England by crossing bulldogs and terriers. Originally bred for fighting, it has a muscular body, broad head, short legs, and short smooth coat. It is often referred to as a pit bull.

[After Staffordshire, a county of west-central England.]

Staffordshire bull terrier

(Breeds) a breed of smooth-coated terrier with a stocky frame and generally a pied or brindled coat. See also bull terrier

Staf′fordshire bull′ ter′rier

one of an English breed of stocky, muscular dogs with a broad head and chest, wide-set forelegs, and a smooth coat, orig. raised for bullbaiting and dogfighting.
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Noun1.Staffordshire bull terrier - English breed of strong stocky dog having a broad skull and smooth coat
bull terrier, bullterrier - a powerful short-haired terrier originated in England by crossing the bulldog with terriers
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He returned to find the joyriding Staffy in the driving seat and pounds 1200 worth of damage in his wake.
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