Stage box

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a box close to the stage in a theater.

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Barnfind will also showcase the BTF1-10-AA, which offers 8x analog audio input, 8x analog audio output converted to/from MADI; and the new Stage Box Break-out panel, which allows front panels to be customised based on the required connectors.
Tickets are PS18 from Northern Stage box office 0191 230 5151 or
This allows the inclusion of a stage box and other rack gear in the rack below the tilting surface.
"We had to give them back after a while because they were just beginning to jump and fly - they were living in an upturned stage box in the main entrance."
December 15 and 17 at 8pm (and also at Alnwick Playhouse on December 22 at 8pm - Tickets: PS18 from Northern Stage box office 0191 230 5151 or
Tickets for this event are $40 and are available through the Center Stage Box Office via or by calling (805) 963-0408, as well as at
Nor did her character look or act masculine in any way The other two sopranos were excellent, Labelle, looking formidable in black and gold, began the evening overlooking all from a stage box. Her technically assured and often astonishing; vocalism won cheers.
In a cobalt-blue stage box inside a giant, gilt picture frame, the cast parades and prances in a literally dazzling array of hundreds of supremely witty costumes.
9pm: Fountain Stage Box Clever, Broadgate: Premiere of Organ prelude composed by Coventry Cathedral's director of music Rupert Jeffcoat;