Stage carriage

a stagecoach.

See also: Stage

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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HAVING observed with dismay the continuous use of State's roads and infrastructure by vehicles that have not obtained the stage Carriage Permit as stipulated by the State's Road Traffic Law, the Lagos State Government, on Wednesday, said it is set to commence the enforcement of the Stage Carriage Permit law on those who operate taxi schemes in various forms including Kabukabu, as well as those on technology platforms that provide linkages between operators and passengers.
The minister said a new service has been incorporated in the sales tax schedule named 'Ride Hailing Service.' Similarly upward revision has been proposed in stage carriage route permit, good forwarding agency, bodybuilding licence fees and fitness fee.
SUKKUR -- The Secretary, District Regional Transport Authority, Sukkur, following the directives from Transport and Transit department Sindh, has issued a notification for the public information about fixation of new fares as 67/- paisa per kilometer for stage carriage buses /mini buses.
Availing legal services through senior advocates or legal firms will cost more as such activity will now attract a levy of 14 per cent, so does travelling in hired air- conditioned stage carriage which will attract an additional service tax of 5.6 per cent.
The letters said the service was being transferred to Stage Carriage. But parents were warned: "The new service will reduce from two vehicles to one and therefore you will need to be aware that, based on current data, all children may not be able to board."
The City Government is keen to augment its city stage carriage fleet up to 11 thousand buses wherein DTC and the corporate entities will operate the bus in 17 distinct clusters in equal ratio.
"But despite being marketed as an express route Crosville operated it as a local bus service, or a Stage Carriage Service - which had their schedules restricted by law to an end-to-end average maximum speed of 12mph."
Another segment where the Mini Van has shown much promise is the stage carriage segment.
An optional linear encoder (optical or magnetic), mounted directly to the stage carriage, provides non-contact digital position feedback with resolutions ranging from 0.1 to 5.0 microns.
Travel West Midlands, main operator of stage carriage buses in the region, has given PHWT the six-figure account to handle its advertising.
Its positive locking capability, consisting of a steel shim and extended micrometer bracket secured to the side of the stage carriage, allows the user to positively lock the position of the carnage during use.