Stage lights

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the lights by which the stage in a theater is illuminated.

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I messed up last year when the stage lights caused me to become disoriented.
This rudimentary combination of source, reflector, and convex glass is the precursor to the optical assembly of the 19th-century limelight, the plano-convex spotlight and from there contemporary stage lights, especially the development of the ubiquitous ellipsoidal reflector spotlight and the fresnel spotlight.
The 39-year-old actress admitted that she does puffs on a fake device as part of her stage show and that the whole look of smoke under the stage lights is very appealing.
He bounced across the stage between three mics, getting the screaming crowd waving by posing on stage lights and platforms.
Year 6 children at Moat House Primary School,in Deedmore Road, Wood End, performed for theirparents and fellow pupils in a hall lit just by torches and stage lights to capture the spooky atmosphere.
decoupage of pinprick stars, or stage lights clipped to wires.
GLASGOW indie rockers Pop-Up were left playing in the dark at Barfly's Great Escape festival in Brighton last month after someone apparently forgot to switch on the stage lights.
We used the pounds 5,000 to buy stage lights. We are an aspiring specialist performing arts school and these are fantastic facilities.
Candles were used for stage lights and incense hung in the air as the audience - all sat on the floor - watched Kerr and his band play from behind the pulpit.
He traipsed through San Diego flea markets collecting pieces for the decor and erected stage lights around the sign on his building.
The stage lights went out on the show after Spears used pyrotechnic effects and explosions while performing the hits 'Oops...I Did It Again' and 'Crazy'.