stage fright

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stage fright

Acute nervousness associated with performing or speaking before an audience.
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stage fright

(Theatre) nervousness or panic that may beset a person about to appear in front of an audience
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stage′ fright`

nervousness felt by a performer or speaker when appearing before an audience.
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Noun1.stage fright - fear that affects a person about to face an audiencestage fright - fear that affects a person about to face an audience
fear, fearfulness, fright - an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight)
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فَزَع المَسْرَح
sahne korkusu

stage fright

npanico prima di andare in scena
to get stage fright → essere assalito/a dal panico prima di andare in scena
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(frait) noun
1. a sudden fear. the noise gave me a terrible fright.
2. a person who looks ridiculous. She looks a fright in those clothes.
stage frightstageˈfrighten verb
to make (someone) afraid. She was frightened by a large dog.
ˈfrightened adjective
ˈfrightful adjective
1. terrible or frightening. I had a frightful experience.
2. very bad. He is a frightful liar.
ˈfrightening adjective
ˈfrightfully adverb
very. He's frightfully clever.
take fright
to become frightened usually suddenly and quickly. She took fright and ran away.


(steidʒ) noun
a raised platform especially for performing or acting on, eg in a theatre.
1. to prepare and produce (a play etc) in a theatre etc. This play was first staged in 1928.
2. to organize (an event etc). The protesters are planning to stage a demonstration.
ˈstaging noun
1. wooden planks etc forming a platform.
2. the way in which a play etc is presented on a stage. The staging was good, but the acting poor.
stage direction
an order to an actor playing a part to do this or that. a stage direction to enter from the left.
stage fright
the nervousness felt by an actor etc when in front of an audience, especially for the first time. The young actress was suffering from stage fright and could not utter a word.
ˈstagehand noun
a workman employed to help with scenery etc.
stage manager
a person who is in charge of scenery and equipment for plays etc.
ˈstagestruck adjective
fascinated with the theatre or having a great desire to become an actor/actress.
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Boris Johnson, I think your a rookie Prime Minister, who I don't think will ever get stagefright, but I sincerely hope the curtain falls upon a successful production of Brexit, so hitherto unwritten Acts will never have to be played.
Live cricket Sky Cricket & Main Event, 10.30am THERE shouldn't be any stagefright for Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson as they prepare to lead their teams in a World Cup semi-final - it's what they were born to do.
Joseph O'Brien's string continues in top form and Fancy Footings is a hopeful nap choice in the Stagefright Play Live On 13th July Handicap.
As the sole producer of his three LPs, "Stagefright" (2011), "The Red Headed Enemy" (2013), "Blood & Bones" (2016), and the EP "Love Without Me" (2014), every song represents a complete cycle of the creative process.
The Colombian scored either side of winning a penalty but could be forgiven for taking stagefright as some of his worst misses have come against Celtic.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Google stepped up its scrutiny of device security several years ago in the wake of the massive Stagefright vulnerability.
Open final, Keys appeared to be struck by stagefright and offered none of the power and accuracy that got her to the last eight without losing a set.
6WHO STAGEFRIGHT got the better of Patty the donkey in 2013 when she turned up to do a spot of painting.
The tweet mentioned a software called Stagefright which could be used by anyone to hack into the phone.
Even Android's Stagefright is more of a bug more than a virus, but it has to be triggered by a specific MMS message (that requires no action from the end user) and grants the attacker complete access to the phone, which might include instantly crashing it as well.
Mobile attacks, such as Android's Stagefright, can spread from guest to guest, even if "victim zero" is oblivious to the outbreak.