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n.1.A handle, as of a mop; a stale.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Its interiors are laidback and IG worthy--as seen on the high fashion shoot at the Presidential Suite for, which celebrity Maymay Entrata fronts.
When her father died, thanks to her extensive and impressive education, she was able to lift herself and her mother into the highest levels of French society, becoming Madame Necker and the mother of the legendary Germaine de Stail. The essays are in chronological order to reflect the shift from mostly religious writing to more secular, the increase in productivity and prolificity, and the rise of women in the public sphere across Europe.
Cette derniere, selon Stail, a perdu 35% de ses telespectateurs au Maroc.
Como Madame de Stail, ela fazia voltar a atencao da mocidade para a Arte da Alemanha, a qual veio dar vida C Arte meridional [...] Foi por isso e pelo seu profundo engenho, que com sobeja razao se lhe atribuiu o nome de Stail Portuguesa.
For example, a Big Ten conference basketball game at a midwestem university was scheduled at the stail of the Persian Gulf conflict.
Recently, the newest high fashion and lifestyle digital magazine in the Philippines and the newest brand of the international publishing house Indochine Media Group, partnered with Herald Suites Polaris for a maiden issue cover featuring Jasmine Curtis in a Great Gatsby themed feature.
It uses the sociological theories of Norbert Elias and Pierre Bourdieu to examine the work of six writers from the 19th century that illustrate the French nationalization of feelings, thoughts, and habits: Olympe de Gouges' pre-revolutionary pamphlets and her quasi-autobiographical novel Madame de Valmont's Memoirs; Francois Rene de Chateaubriand's Historical Essay on Revolutions and The Genius of Christianity; Germaine de Stail's On Literature, On Germany, Delphine, and Corinne; Stendhal's Chronicles for England and Memoirs of a Tourist; Prosper Merimee's A Chronicle of the Reign of Charles IX, Corsican novellas, and essay on the Mormons; and George Sand's novels, including Nanon and Franca.
Among the topics are Anglo-American literature and the challenge of Germany: transcendentalism as a problem in literary history, the significance of Anne Germaine de Stail's Germany for a new program and a new direction of Anglo-American literature, cultural transfer and the German presence in the literary life of the American transcendentalists, and nationalism versus transculturalism: the road from patriotism to transcendentalism in post-colonial New England.
Among the topics are the legal pitfalls of marriage brokerage in 19th-century France, the making of a Japanese rural Christian community, divination and community in early modern Thuringia, Sergei Stepniak-Kravchinsky and the literary lives of the Russian revolutionary community from the 1860s to the 1880s, a private repulsion toward public women in the letters of Caspar von Voght and Germaine de Stail, and honor and the policing of intra-Jewish disputes in Germany during the 18th and 19th centuries.