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Workouts include the StairMaster, weights and yoga.
The squaddies from the 30th Royal Signal regiment spent 24 hours climbing a stairmaster machine at the Asda store in Brade Drive, Walsgrave, Coventry.
Weight-watching guys who cut back on sleep time for early mornings on the StairMaster might do better to go back to bed.
I ride my bike to work in good weather, do resistance training and am attempting to prove I'm better than the Stairmaster at the gym.
Halle Berry attributes her sexy new `pear shape' to an hour a day on a Stairmaster machine.
This could consist of walking, using a treadmill, a Stairmaster or elliptical machines.
He said: "I do wish Britney wouldn't go on the StairMaster so often.
I told her I was the designated watcher of The Taliban Lite Show among my more fully employed friends and the only way I could stand it was by combining my watching with working out on the second-hand Stairmaster in my bedroom.
The Stairmaster may do when the stomach sags or leg muscles turn to flab.
Airborne follows the soon to be completed 500,000-square-foot Caldor Distribution Center, and joins existing tenants which include M&T Banc, StairMaster, Tarkett, and Nugent & Haeussler, P.