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He said the alternative products for plastic like cloth bags and other degradable plastic would be introduced in the city before penalizing the citizens and in that regard, MCI was conducting regular meetings with manufactures and other stake holder.
When completed, the deal will make the company the sixth largest stake holder in the bank, with a 2.91 percent stake.
* First of all, every stake holder should sincerely and honestly admits that they have made mistakes in past and learned a lesson.
Following the implementation of the deal, the Spanish bank would become a majority stake holder of Bobcards Ltd.
$111.6 million, said it was informed on Monday that the 10 percent stake holder is withholding payment for its share of the costs related to the spill, including ''costs associated with containment efforts.''
Among the Asian, African and Middle East countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the fourth greatest stake holder of Islamic Development Bank having permanent chair on the bank.
However, Reds fans must remember that Moores (major stake holder in the club) himself is a man of considerable wealth, and while he is always keen to protect his monopoly on power within the club he is not so forth-coming in providing adequate transfer funds to compete at the top.
For instance, why shouldn't elected community stake holder representatives sit as equals on the company board of directors, along side stockholder and worker representatives?
'FPCCI being an apex body of trade and industry of Pakistan is the main stake holder of the economy and possesses an in-depth knowledge of intricacies of complicated economic issues and challenges being confronted by the country', he added.
They said that the improvement notices are issued with the view that the stake holder should improve their products, bring improvement in their standard as well as prepare the same at par with the standard in the law.
"To make this Unique ID project work, we need complete partnership and cooperation among all the stake holders. I think the Petroleum Ministry is a very important stake holder because they are distributing petrol, diesel, LPG and kerosene to individuals.