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A Soviet worker honored and rewarded for exceptional diligence in increasing production.

[After Aleksei Grigorievich Stakhanov (1906-1977), Soviet miner.]
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A less Stakhanovite individual might have felt they could permit themselves a brief respite, but there now comes an only fractionally less mighty 512-page sequel.
The KGB in 1941 recruited Lippman's secretary, Mary Price, who applied herself to espionage with Stakhanovite zeal.
"Pushkin Is Our Comrade" begins with a meditation on working people, their respect for the intellectual labor of literature founded in their own experience of physical labor, and a radical equation of the creative activity of the poet and the Stakhanovite. Pugachev's rebellion, the Decembrist uprising, and the laborer's slow, careful, oral reading of Pushkin's verse are plotted on the same historical trajectory, the Utopian telos of which is the universalizai ion of Pushkin's inspired, creative activity under socialism.
Costa Rica showed four years ago in reaching the quarter-finals that the ability to frustrate opponents with a far greater pedigree can take you a long way, as long as you can back up defensive organisation with Stakhanovite industry and a decent counter-punch.
In the early months of 1936, news of the Stakhanovite movement even reached Mys Olovyanniy.
(Filing copy after the nightcap events is not advised.) In contrast to these Stakhanovite tradesmen, there is the "thinking media" - the armies of editors, columnists, opinion writers and other experts.
The rampant "food culture" invented by the educated elite--involving the Stakhanovite quest and conspicuous consumption of usually expensive comestibles reckoned healthy, organic, "sustainable," "ethnic," and esoteric--is inexhaustibly and rapturously scrutinized by the New York Times, a paper that emerged in the 1990s as the national chronicler and sounding board of that class.
One cannot introduce his method along the entire line as the new system of work without studying the matter." [critic:] "Zavistovskii did not understand the essence of the Stakhanovite movement.
Sergei Churnik, erstwhile head of the cigarette trust, is on trial for 'deliberate wrecking and economic treason.' Bureaucrats live in terror lest their region or their industry be next disrupted by the American bombardment, and they waver between inactivity and frantic Stakhanovite shows of activity.
Communist authorities censored the 'Man of Marble', angered by its portrayal of political corruption in the early 1950s Stalinist period, shown through the fall from grace of a Stakhanovite bricklayer.