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Noun1.Joseph Stalin - Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian state by purging all opposition (1879-1953)Joseph Stalin - Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian state by purging all opposition (1879-1953)
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Indeed, with most of his policy ideas lifted from Stalin's Russia of the 1920s, it is safe to assume that Mr Corbyn is a man who feels far more at ease dwelling in the distant past than he is conveying forethought.
This is not to say that Mr Vawda is suggesting a cull on the scale of the Great Purge in Stalin's Russia or the Cultural Revolution in China.
Thinking hypothetically, I just have to ask: Based on Jeff Session quoting the Apostle Paul in Roman 13 that we citizens need " obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes," would he say that would have been true in Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia and now in Kim Jong Un's North Korea?
To help his countrymen combat or prepare against the possible ascendancy of a Trumpian autocracy, Snyder wrote this handbook, employing his historical knowledge of the world's previous tyrannical experiments: Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Nazi Germany.
If that reality cannot be reversed through negotiations and diplomacy, the task will be to develop a robust system of deterrence, the kind that kept the peace with Stalin's Russia and Mao's China.
Certainly the US in this period was not Stalin's Russia and McCarthyism was not Stalinism.
The result, detailed in section 1 of the book, was a transition to fascist dictatorships in the 1920s that was paralleled in some ways by the developments in Stalin's Russia. Section 2 describes how this period was followed by the collapse of most fascist states during the Second World War, the "forced export of socialism to Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe," and the breakdown of that postwar system (264).
He seemed to think living here was like being in Nazi Germany or Stalin's Russia, a terrified populace cowering under the boot of some crazed dictator.
Of course, we don't have to look across oceans for evidence of bigotry and other evils that would have been right at home in Hitler's Germany or Josef Stalin's Russia. They're right here in our own backyard, right now.
2.Netaji escaped to Russia: Some believe that Netaji may have been kept under imprisonment in Stalin's Russia. Some declassified files of the Soviet secret service KGB pointed towards such an eventuality.
Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia showed that countries that are the birthplaces of cultural and scientific geniuses can also engineer the greatest atrocities the world has known.
Gary |Oldman, left, plays Demidov's ally General Nesterov, who sets out to show murder does exist in Stalin's Russia