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A city of southwest Connecticut on Long Island Sound and the New York border. Settled in 1641, it became a major commercial center in the latter half of the 1900s when many corporations relocated here from New York City.


(Placename) a city in SW Connecticut, on Long Island Sound: major chemical research laboratories. Pop: 120 107 (2003 est)


(ˈstæm fərd)

a city in SW Connecticut. 110,056.
References in classic literature ?
In old days Stamford had never been a particular crony of mine, but now I hailed him with enthusiasm, and he, in his turn, appeared to be delighted to see me.
Young Stamford looked rather strangely at me over his wine-glass.
As we made our way to the hospital after leaving the Holborn, Stamford gave me a few more particulars about the gentleman whom I proposed to take as a fellow-lodger.
It seems to me, Stamford," I added, looking hard at my companion, "that you have some reason for washing your hands of the matter.
You seem to be a walking calendar of crime," said Stamford with a laugh.
We came here on business," said Stamford, sitting down on a high three-legged stool, and pushing another one in my direction with his foot.
By the way," I asked suddenly, stopping and turning upon Stamford, "how the deuce did he know that I had come from Afghanistan?
You must study him, then," Stamford said, as he bade me good-bye.
I recall that on one occasion I obtained information that led me to believe that a gentleman who lived about two miles out in the country from Stamford, Conn.
The streets of Stamford were deserted as they passed through the town; and its old churches rose, frowning and dark, from the whitened ground.
Mattie Silver came from Stamford, and when she entered the Fromes' household to act as her cousin Zeena's aid it was thought best, as she came without pay, not to let her feel too sharp a contrast between the life she had left and the isolation of a Starkfield farm.
You remember, Watson, that it was near there that we took Archie Stamford, the forger.